Rejeune Propolis – Brazillian Green Bee Propolis

Price: $124.00

Clear your mouth ulcers & sore throat in minutes!

Powerful nature healer for treating: Mouth ulcers, infected gum, acute & chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, tympanitis,Eczema, psoriasis, shingles, wart, ringworm, neurodermatitis.
Surgical:Burns, chronic ulcers & hemorrhoids.
Gastro-intestinal:Gastric & duodenal ulcers, chronic rectitis & colitis.


Rejeune Pumpkin Seeds

Price: $195.00

Enhance vitality health for both men & women

Regulate female organic functions, metabolism,
Regulate internal hormones to maintain youth and vitality.
Reduce risk of pro static hypertrophy, hypertension, diabetes.


Rejeune Woman

Price: $95.00

A “must” cream for women for all stage of life

Regulate hormonal balance
Sooth period cramps, improve irregularity of period,
reduce premenstrual syndrome, menopausal disorders, lower body swelling & liver spots.

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Supp Tasty B

Price: $75.00

A blend of high potency multi vitamin, minerals and herbs clinically designed to support the mind and body to adapt to the pressures of busy modern day lifestyle.

An effervescent powdered B-complex formula to supplement your daily nutritional requirement.

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Supp Tasty C

Price: $58.00

Vitamin C powder with bioflavonoids to enhance absorption.
Vitamin A & E, grapeseed and green tea further increases the antioxidant properties.

Useful for skin health in both children and adults

Suitable for children, those convalescing and people who find it difficult to swallow tablets for Vitamin C supplement.

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