Rejeune Eel Oil

Rejeune Eel Oil

Rejeune Eel Oil

Brain Gold for child development,
Strengthening memory for the senior! fish oil with the highest AKGS, No heavy metals

1. Anti-aging, renew skin cells (apply 1 cap on face daily & see the grow!)
2. Strengthening body, Immune booster (especially for kids attending childcare/pre-school)
3. Improve blood micro-circulation
4. Lowering blood fat, softening blood vessels
5. Infants nutrients & wellness
6. Developing intelligence

Rich in proteins, vitamin D & E, micoprotein, amino acid, AKGs, DHA, & EPA.

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Detailed Information

Efficacy of the product:

Lowering the content and negative fatty substances in blood, and preventing the scleratheroma of artery

Improving the microcirculation, maintaining the normal blood pressure, and curing cardio/cerebrovascular diseases

Slowing and mitigating the aging

Resisting the oxidation, eliminating the toxins, and deferring the aging

Regulating the immunity

Having obvious effect on curing the aging of visual sense, myopia, cataract, dryness of eyes caused by overfatigue, and other eye diseases

Facilitating the formation of phosphatide and development of cerebrum, helping raise the memory and judgment, and slowing the atrophy of cerebral neurons, and preventing senile dementia

Assisting the conditioning of rheumatoid disease and rheumatic arthritis

Having obvious effect on mitigating the symptoms of fatty liver, constipation, alopecia, and vasculitis

Raising the body’s immunologic function, and facilitating the recovery of asthma patients

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