Health Supplement

Health Supplement

Rejeune Blood Type O Nutrients

Old Price: $169.00

Price: $145.00

You save: $24.00

Feeling tired constantly?
Prone to stomach bloatedness?
Suffering from allergies?

Boost up your Cellular Nutrition with 85 Essential Nutrients today!
(Probiotics, Prebiotics, Enzymes, Minerals, Antioxidants, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, & E, Proteins)

Suitable for all adults and kids above 7 yrs.


Rejeune Dtox

Old Price: $105.00

Price: $94.50

You save: $10.50

Specially formulated to aid digestion of food and to cleanse colon’s stored waste.

Keeping system clean leads to a lifetime of better health, energy level and skin condition.
Recommended for all adults, especially for those with constipation, bloating, grumpy stomach and indigestion issues.
***Due to peak season high volume purchases, kindly allow delivery lead time up to 10 days***
We thank you for your kind understanding.


Rejeune Eel Oil

Old Price: $125.00

Price: $112.50

You save: $12.50

Brain Gold for child development,
Strengthening memory for the senior! fish oil with the highest AKGS, No heavy metals

1. Anti-aging, renew skin cells (apply 1 cap on face daily & see the grow!)
2. Strengthening body, Immune booster (especially for kids attending childcare/pre-school)
3. Improve blood micro-circulation
4. Lowering blood fat, softening blood vessels
5. Infants nutrients & wellness
6. Developing intelligence

Rich in proteins, vitamin D & E, micoprotein, amino acid, AKGs, DHA, & EPA.

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Rejeune Woman

Old Price: $95.00

Price: $85.50

You save: $9.50

A “must” cream for women for all stage of life

Regulate hormonal balance
Sooth period cramps, improve irregularity of period,
reduce premenstrual syndrome, menopausal disorders, lower body swelling & liver spots.

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Supp Tasty B

Price: $75.00

A blend of high potency multi vitamin, minerals and herbs clinically designed to support the mind and body to adapt to the pressures of busy modern day lifestyle.

An effervescent powdered B-complex formula to supplement your daily nutritional requirement.

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Supp Tasty C

Price: $58.00

Vitamin C powder with bioflavonoids to enhance absorption.
Vitamin A & E, grapeseed and green tea further increases the antioxidant properties.

Useful for skin health in both children and adults

Suitable for children, those convalescing and people who find it difficult to swallow tablets for Vitamin C supplement.

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