Herbs Chamomile German Organic (35g)

Herbs Chamomile German Organic (35g)

Herbs Chamomile German Organic (35g)

Powerful nerve relaxant, Anti-inflammatory, Calms upset stomach, Soothe menstrual cramps, Calms muscle spasms.

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Chamomile tea has been consumed for hundreds of years and today is most well-known as a sleep aid. While this is true, chamomile tea is also an effective nerve relaxant and has anti-inflammatory properties, calming upset stomachs all over the world. With its relaxing and soothing properties, it is highly recommended that chamomile tea be consumed before bedtime to promote a restful and deep sleep. Core Benefits:
• Soothes stomach aches, reduce menstrual cramps
• Relieve stress, promote general relaxation and good sleep
• Eases the uncomfortable symptoms of irrtable bowel syndrome
• Speed healing of skin ulcers, wounds, or burns
• Assists in overall digestion

甘菊茶是众所周知的睡眠援助。它有放松和舒缓的特性。在睡前饮用能促进舒适的睡眠。 洋甘菊也帮助舒缓胃痛,减轻肠易激综合症的症状,促进消除,并协助整体消化。 饮用甘菊茶能提高在尿液中的甘氨酸化合物,能平静肌肉痉挛。古埃及人用它来舒缓月经来潮。

Product details:
Country of Origin: Croatia
Packed in Australia, blended in Singapore.
Product quantity: 35g
Product dimensions: D70x105H (mm)
Shipping weight: 239g

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