Fennel Seed Organic (100g)

Fennel Seed Organic (100g)

Fennel Seed Organic  (100g)

Relieves intestinal gas,
Soothes the muscles that line the digestive tract,
Aid effective digestion, kills harmful bacteria in stomach and reducing stomach spasms.

Also increases lactation among breast-feeding women, particularly first-time mothers.
Drinking fennel tea while nursing also soothe infant's colic condition.

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Detailed Information

Core Benefits:
• Promotes breast milk production
• Aids digestion
• Reduces risk of high blood pressure

促进母乳,消化,利尿 茴香是一个高度芳香的草本植物的种子,这是常用的香料和草医药应用。茴香籽茶具有对消化系统驱风的影响,减轻肠道气体,而减轻胀气。它可以舒缓消化道的肌肉,让消化更有效以及杀灭有害细菌,减少胃痉挛。 茴香籽茶还可以增加哺乳期妇女哺乳的乳量,尤其是第一次的母亲。在哺乳时喝茴香茶,也可以安抚婴儿的绞痛问题。茴香籽茶通过其自然的利尿作用也会增加排尿量。除了增加排尿的量,茴香籽茶还可以通过排尿增加钠的排泄来降低高血压的风险。

Product details:
Country of Origin: Egypt
Packed in Australia, blended in Singapore.
Product quantity: 100g
Product dimensions: D70x105H (mm)
Shipping weight: 304g

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