Herbs MSC Multi System Cleanse (50g)

Herbs MSC Multi System Cleanse (50g)

Herbs MSC Multi System Cleanse (50g)

A skin tonic blend packed with vitamins & minerals.

A multi-system cleanser that cleanses the blood, supports lymphatic and liver detoxification.
Beauty is skin deep, get ready to glow!

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Detailed Information

Core Benefits:
• Cleanses blood
• Promotes lymphatic and liver detoxification

Main herbal ingredients:
• Gotu Kola (Certified Organic)
• Lemongrass
• Nettle Leaves (Wild Crafted)
• Red Clover (Organic)
• Calendula Flower (Croatia)
• Burdock Root (Wild Crafted)



Product details:
Country of Origin: South Africa, Sri Lanka, Germany, New Zealand, Croatia, China
Packed in Australia, blended in Singapore.
Product quantity: 50g
Product dimensions: D70x105H (mm)
Shipping weight: 254g

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