HappyLash 30ml

HappyLash 30ml

HappyLash 30ml

Grow lush lashes in weeks!

Prevent lashes from falling, Promote lush lashes growth
Remove makeup with nature's makeup remover and let your skin breathe
Grow your lashes while cleansing your face with nature's make up remover today!

100% botanical blended with organic plant oils, free from chemical and additives

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Detailed Information

As eye make up remover:
Add a few drops of HappyLash on your palm and apply the oil with your fingers over the make up in circular motion to dissolve the make up. Once make up are dissolved, clear it with facial tissue, rinse off with water. Apply a drop of HappyLash on palm and apply with finger and massage around each eye area with eye closed till oil fully absorbed into skin. Repeat action on the other eye.

Daily use of HappyLash keeps lashes free of chemicals, nourish and strengthen lashes.

For lash growth, apply HappyLash at least twice daily on clean skin (eyes area) to nourish and promote lash growth. Feel the difference in 10 days!

30ml amber glass bottle with dropper

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