Lingzhi (Cracked spore 300mg)

Lingzhi (Cracked spore 300mg)

Lingzhi (Cracked spore 300mg)

Top grade 100% Bitter RED Lingzhi Cracked Spore at 300mg!!! (Highest strength in the market)

'Qi' booster! Calm Liver, Reduce fatigue, Reduce blood sugar, Immune system booster, Improve quality of sleep,

Enhance body’s natural healing ability.
GMP certified. Manufactured in Singapore
Approved by Singapore's Health Science Authority (HSA Singapore)
Always go for reliable source of herbs to make sure authenticity and free from toxic metals and harmful chemicals

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Detailed Information

Core Benefits:

  • Promotes metabolism
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Prevents tissue cell degeneration
  • Promotes anti-aging
  • Lowers cholesterol and amount of excessive fats
  • Aids in regulating blood pressure
  • Increases oxygen absorbed by the blood up to 1.5x
Main Ingredients:
  • Protein and amino acids
  • Ganoderic acids
  • Polypeptides
  • Polysaccharides
  • Other trace elements
Clinc灵芝是由最高品质苦赤灵芝所炼制。 由新加坡GMP(良好生产规范)认证的制造商制造,新加坡卫生科学局批准。Clinc灵芝包含各种活性成分,如蛋白质和氨基酸,灵芝酸,多肽,多糖和其他微量元素。 它有助于建立强大的免疫系统,促进新陈代谢 消除疲劳,改善睡眠质量,防止组织细胞退化,促进抗衰老 降低胆固醇,过多的脂肪量,有助于调节血压,增加血液所吸收的氧至1.5 倍

Product details:
Manufactured by GMP-certified manufacturer in Singapore
Licensed by: Health Science Authority of Singapore
Product quantity: 60 x 300mg capsules
Product dimensions: 63x63x114H (mm)
Shipping weight: 65g

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