Rejeune Pumpkin Seeds

Rejeune Pumpkin Seeds

Rejeune Pumpkin Seeds

Enhance vitality health for both men & women

Regulate female organic functions, metabolism,
Regulate internal hormones to maintain youth and vitality.
Reduce risk of pro static hypertrophy, hypertension, diabetes.

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Detailed Information

Pumpkin seeds rich in protein, zinc, iron, vitamins A, B, C and calcium. Packed with nutrients, Pumpkin seeds are also a great health food for zinc deficiency sufferers because they are rich in zinc. Zinc is an important element for the production of sperms. Inadequate intake of zinc will result in poor physical development and poor natural resistance. It is for this reason that zinc is known as the Blossom of Life. Pumpkin seeds can also inhibit more than 90% of in vitro selection of human cervical cancer cells culture JTC-26. Other benefits include anti-blood fluke and anthelmintic effects. They have a natural anthelmintic action and can prevent prostatic hypertrophy in adult males. Optimizing Organic Functions, Metabolism and Hormone Balance to Bring Eternal Youth While being an important element for the production of sperms, zinc has many other health benefits. For example, zinc deficiency will cause poor physical development in children and poor natural resistance in adults.