Rejeune Cream

Rejeune Cream

Rejeune Cream

Powerful anti-aging botanical essence

Delay aging process,
balance hormone levels,
stimulate meridian,
revitalize degenerated organ functions,
maintaining physical well-being and youthfulness.

Price: $150.00

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Detailed Information

A skincare product that combines the riches of natural botanical ingredients like Wild Dioscorea Extract, Evening Primrose Oil, Plant Embryo Dynamic Tissues Extract, White Grape Seed Extract, Aloe Vera Gel and more. SGS report states that ReJeune Cream contains pure botanical ingredients and does not contain hormones and metal elements. Suitable for:Men, women, children and the elderly, including pregnant women and infants How to apply: Apply over body and massage in circular motions (clockwise) to ensure absorption Therapy period:3-6 times per month,3-5 days per box Maintaining period:5-7 days per box Parts to apply:The seven main locations – neck, chest, inner arm, abdomen, waist, inner thigh, under arms and others.

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