Liu Zining, 32 yr old. Audit Manager, Single.
Lost 12kg and 8.8% of body fats

Due to the nature of my job, I need to travel frequently. When I was overseas, my meals were irregular and the portions served in some countries were usually very generous. I love to eat, especially desserts. I wasn’t that concerned about my weight ballooning in the past one and a half years until last September’s annual health screening when I realized my BMI was high. I couldn’t fit nicely into my old clothes anymore and I looked “funny” when I tried on new clothes. So I knew I have to do something about it…

Experience at Body Inc.
Body Inc. team was very knowledgeable and the staff were attentive to me. During my first consultation, my health was being assessed before they customized different types of treatments that were suitable for me.

I was very impressed that Body Inc. focuses on educating us (the customers) about food and nutrition as their objective is to ensure our weight loss is permanent and sustainable.

For example, my blood type is B+ so it’s better for me to eat more seafood but not too much chicken. I am also reminded to drink at least 3L of water everyday during a detox program. It was pretty amazing that even though I cut down on my food intake, I didn’t feel hungry at all as the supplements properly nourished my body and balanced my hormones. My cravings for sweet stuff were curbed eventually!

I was happy with my 2OneReset® program weight loss result when I lost 4.4kg and 3.8% body fats in the 1st three weeks. However, my weight loss became stagnant later and I was referred to see Body Inc.’s in-house Chinese Physician Dr Ma, who diagnosed that I had severe water retention problem. I always had swollen feet & ankles, but I didn’t know that was due to water retention. Dr Ma prescribed some herbs and meridian treatments for me which helped greatly in getting rid of my water retention and improving my blood circulation especially at the lower body area. Thereafter, I steadily lost a total of 12kg and 8.8% body fats in 5 months.

Now I come for treatment once a week and have developed the habit of eating a well-balanced diet, which includes more fruits and vegetables, and less carbohydrates, oil, sugar and salt. I am eating my meals normally and once in a while, I still indulge in my favourite food such as cakes, potato chips, milk tea and fried hokkien mee. Best of all, I am still losing weight!

Testimonial of Mother of 3, 36 yr old.

Hadley Chin, 36 yr old. Therapist at Body Inc, Mother of 3.
Lost 7.4kg and still maintaining…

After giving birth to my 3rd girl, I weighed 100kg! I had been plump since young, as I grew up in Ipoh, Malaysia. I loved noodles, bread and anything that tastes sweet. My cravings for sweets was so horrible that I could eat a 1kg cake all by myself! I constantly felt bloated, and irregular meals plus hectic lifestyle didn’t help. I also suffered from low blood pressure and always had to keep some sweets in my bag in case I experienced giddiness.

In 2014, I was working in Malaysia as a therapist and was recommended to join Body Inc. in Singapore.

Friends ask why I choose to employ overweight candidates while I am doing a weight loss business. Ha… I have no problem helping them achieve a healthy weight. I want them to be a living testimonial for my clients.
– Jacelyn Tay, founder of Body Inc.


When Jacelyn interviewed me in April 2014, I thought my chance was slim. But she was impressed with my skills and I got the job immediately, with one criteria – I have to go through 2OneReset® Program and lose weight by the next month. In the 3 weeks time, I lost 4.6kg and 4.5% Body Fats. Gradually, I reached my lowest weight of 68.4kg in December 2014 and have been maintaining the weight since then. More importantly, I have curbed my urge to eat sweet stuff!

I also experienced a new change in my eating habits. With more understanding about food and the body, I started off my day with supplements and fruit in the morning; ate a main meal (meat + vegetable) for lunch. I took a piece of fruit again for tea break and another main meal for dinner. I ate less but more frequently. Surprisingly I felt more energetic even though my job was laborious. I am thankful and hope to help customers like me to attain better health.