Herbs Gymnema Organic (50g)

Herbs Gymnema Organic (50g)

Herbs Gymnema Organic (50g)

Can't resist the sweet temptation while on a diet program?
This is your nature sugar cravings buster!

Improves glucose utilisation, reduce blood sugar.
Ability to aid body’s production of insulin.

Safe to be consumed on its own or taken in conjunction with insulin or other diabetes medications for diabetic patient.

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Detailed Information

It is no surprise that nearly all herbal books refer to the elder as “the medicine chest of the country folk”. Traditionally used as a detox herb, the elder builds up the immune system by clearing toxins through the lymph glands. In the days before modern medicine, the elderflower was used to treat respiratory problems like asthma. The flower can also be used as an expectorant to clear catarrh and as a natural blood purifier. The elder is widely considered the oldest herb cultivated by man and has been used for four thousand years to treat numerous ailments. It is said that the elder is able to dispel heat, cools down the body and is a good remedy for flu and fever. 接骨木花
驱散热量,冷却,感冒和发热的西草药茶 据说是最古老的草本植物,在传统上是血液净化器,作为一个排毒的草药,建立免疫系统,通过淋巴腺清除毒素。接骨木花也用于治疗哮喘,帮助祛痰,减清粘膜炎。

Product details:
Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Packed in Australia, blended in Singapore.
Product quantity: 50g
Product dimensions: D70x105H (mm)
Shipping weight: 254g

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