Overweight? Excess fats? Sagging buttocks? Cellulite?
Let Body Inc.® restore your beauty from within!

Weight Management


  • 2OneReset® Detox & Weight Loss Program
  • 2OneReset® Post Natal Weight Loss Program
  • Root Causes of Your Weight Problem
  • Target Areas Slimming

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“After giving birth to my 4th child, I thought I would never have my stunning figure back, until Body Inc. found out the root cause of my weight problem. They customized a program for me and in just 1 week, I lost 6 incredible inches! Most importantly, I also see improvements in my health and energy. Now, when I go shopping with my daughter, people think we are sisters!”
Jasmine, Age 38, Mother of 4

“After giving birth to my 2nd boy in Dec ’08, my weight peaked at 100kg. I started to shop around for slimming centers. After comparing with 5 other slimming centers, I decided to choose Body Inc. because I prefer its management style and slimming concept, and it suits my budget. Body Inc. does not do “quick kill” but believes in determining the root cause of each weight problem before introducing an appropriate solution.

The therapists and staff at Body Inc. are also very friendly and the environment is great! With intensive treatments, exercising and watching my diet closely, I have since lost 22kg.

It is indeed an unique experience at Body Inc.!”
Madeline Chua, Mother of 3

Detox Treatment

  • System Cleanse Total Detox Program
  • Ion Osmosis Detox

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Body Sculpting

  • Meridian Wellness Therapy
  • Fat Buster Program

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Face Lift

  • Face Lifting Meridian Therapy
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    Signature Meridian Eye Massage Treatment

  • Signature Meridian Eye Massage Treatment
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