Weight Management

Up To 6kg* WEIGHT LOSS In Just 21 DAYS!

Our signature 2OneReset® Detox Program is a 21-Day detox program which targets at resetting metabolism, improving health and giving you long-lasting weight loss results.

At Body Inc.®, we believe the key is detox and nutrition.

Our Success:
Body Inc.®’s GMP certified detox supplements not only aid in healthy removal of fats and toxins, they also help to build healthier immune and digestive system.

With a comprehensive guide to healthy eating and right habits, our 2OneReset® followers have better understanding of their body and how to enjoy a balanced lifestyle of indulging in good food yet remain healthy. This detox program is great for disease prevention and anti-aging too.

A healthy body gives a positive mind.

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Drastic methods of weight loss causes weight gain later with a vengeance. Crash diet, drinking little water, using laxatives, “detox tea” and excessive cupping all potentially wreck your health, giving you temporary weight loss and a weaker body.

2OneReset® Detox Pack S$688 (U.P $798)

Our BEST-SELLING 21-day home detox program!

Simple to follow. Resets your metabolic rate.

Included in the Pack:
5 Health Supplements + 21-Day Diet Guide + Pill Box + Travel Pouch

Start every morning with the goodness of Vitality Boost. This supplement contains Lingzhi and Cordycep, which are top two Chinese medicine immune system protector and energy booster. Take these capsules on empty stomach.

+Vitality Boost

  • Improve overall vitality and energy.
  • Support good quality of sleep.
  • Immune system support.
  • Support good blood circulation.
  • Promote respiratory health.

Improve your digestive system and prepare for a great day ahead with Digestive Boost. This delicious orange-tasted drink is power-packed with vitamins and minerals. Take with breakfast. It soothes and protects the gastro intestinal tract, starting your day right.

+Digestive Boost

  • Relieve irritable bowel syndrome
  • Supports gastro intestinal health
  • Provides relief of muscular aches and pains in the gut

Detox Cleanse contains premium natural herbs for maintaining perfect body shape and skin condition. Aids in digestion, clearing bowels for better. It delivers the best result in weight reduction and a healthier body.

+Detox Cleanse

  • Increase fat metabolism.
  • Improve bowel movement.
  • Assist in relieving water retention.
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Blood circulation is everything. Clear blood clot with Body Inc.®’s special Clinc formula and nutrients can be transported in and toxins out more effectively.


  • Eliminate blood stagnation/clots.
  • Reduce body numbness.
  • Improve blood circulation.

A good fish oil after food aids in repair and restoring cells and tissues.

+Ultra Omega
Rich source of essential omega-3 triglycerides, namely (EPA) eicosapentaenoic acid and (DHA) docosahexaenoic acid. Derived from deep sea, cold water fish sourced from the South Pacific Oceans.

I want to buy the promotion now! 2OneReset® Detox Pack $688

2OneReset® Detox & Weight Loss Program $2988

2OneReset® is a 21-day program that resets your metabolic rate and aids in healthy weight loss of up to 6kg*.

You must not starve during weight loss as it may lead to hormonal imbalance which results in weight rebound.

Simply by following the program for 21 days, you lose weight and gain better health!

What can you achieve in 21days?:

  • Improved Metabolism
  • Improved Digestion
  • No More Bloating and Constipation
  • Reduced Cravings
  • Improved Energy Level
  • Easy maintenance of weight after program

Suitable for both men & women, and those on diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol medication.

Our method:
In 21 days, the program helps enhance detoxification of toxic waste from your body and replenish the nutrients necessary for weight and fat loss. Hence your metabolism is able to reset, giving you a healthier body:
+Nutritional supplements for fat loss (carefully selected by our team of integrated medicine healthcare practitioners).
+System Cleanse Total Detox treatments target to unclog multi-systems of the body.
+Support from our in-house healthcare practitioners during the program to further investigate your root problem.
+List of delicious, wholesome food to select from. Your weight loss journey will be enjoyable.

Contact us at 6333 5656/ 6988 5656 or write to us at contact@bodyinc.sg to find out more.

*Results may vary with individual

2OneReset® Post-Natal Program $2988

Giving birth and being a new mother is the most exhausting but yet fulfilling experience for most women. Weight gain, hairloss, fatigue and depression are some of the conditions mothers face. The body underwent tremendous changes and now its time to lose those excess weight and regain your health & vitality.

2OneReset Post-Natal Weight Loss Program:

    • Weight loss and build a stronger body
    • Proper diet and best nourishment for both mother and baby
    • Improved Metabolism & Vitality
    • Balanced Hormones & Emotions

Suitable for breast-feeding mothers, natural or cesarean delivery

Root Causes of Weight Problem

Once you stop that crash diet, detox tea, slimming pills and replacement diet meals, you put on weight again? Why?

Hormonal Imbalance

Do you have cravings for certain food even when you are full? If yes, you may suffer from hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance is the most common cause of weight problems as many hormones are directly or indirectly associated with metabolism.

Women of all ages may experience hormonal imbalances. Symptoms may begin as early as in the 20’s.

Causes of hormonal imbalance:

  • Crash diets & poor nutrition
  • Excessive carbohydrates and sugar
  • Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as lack of sleep
  • Increased body fat increases hormone estrogen
  • Toxins including those from prescriptive drug abuse accumulated in fat cells impact on overall hormones
  • Chronic stress impacts on cortisol and thyroid hormones
  • Exposure to synthetic hormones used in birth control pills
  • Growth hormones in feedlot beef and dairy products
  • Xenoestrogens found in numerous personal hygiene and household products.
  • Perimenopause and menopause

Digestive Issues

Bloatedness, gastric, reflux and constipation can hinder proper breakdown of food, absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste, causing nutrient imbalance.

Symptoms of Nutrient Imbalance

  • Anemia
  • Diarrhea, bloating, constipation
  • Pale, thick, dry skin and bruises
  • Rashes and changes in pigmentation
  • Thin hair/ hair loss
  • Joint aches and bones are soft and tender.
  • Bleeding gums
  • Scaling and cracking of the lips and mouth. Tongue may be swollen or shriveled and cracked.
  • Visual disturbances include night blindness and increased sensitivity to light and glare
  • Goiter (enlarged thyroid gland)
  • Loss of reflexes and lack of coordination
  • Muscle twitches

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Fat Buster Slimming Program

Fat Buster Tummy

Chuck the tummy bulge and get rid of bloat and the wobbles!. Start flaunting a brand new, trim and flat tummy with treatments Body Inc’s Fat Buster Program to attack those stubborn fats hidden beneath the deeper layers of fat pockets.
A bulging tummy usually comes with some degree of digestive inefficiency. Miracal – herbs for slimming, helps further flatten the tummy when combined with slimming treatments targeting the adipose fats on the abdomen area. Adipose tissue is located beneath the skin (subcutaneous fat) and around the internal organs (visceral fat).

Fat Buster Arms

Say goodbye to “bye-bye fats”

Body Inc’s synchronized treatments unclog your lymph nodes, soften and breakdown the excess fats and toxic waste, and drain them out of big flabby arms effectively by means of state-of-the-art machines. Say goodbye to big flabby arms now!

Fat Buster Thighs

Thigh & Cellulite Buster

Dream of having slender legs for that sexy high-heels? Our specialized program helps reduce bulky pad fats especially on the inner and outer sides of the thighs, eliminates the impurities and toxins and reduce cellulite! Get started on reducing inches of hard-to-trim thigh fats today to flaunt your beautiful, sexy legs!

No more orange-peel skin especially on troubled thighs.
4 stages of cellulite:
Stage 1 – cellulite is only visible upon pinching
Stage 2 – cellulite is visible when you sit down
Stage 3 – cellulite is visible under buttocks when you are standing
Stage 4 – cellulite is visible throughout the back of the thighs near the back of knee!

Sagging Butt

Feels like gravity may be the most frustrating law in the universe? A sagging butt will soon be a thing of the past with Body Inc’s Body Sculpting Program. Our treatment efficiently stimulates the skin collagen on the butt to improve skin elasticity and mobilize fats “upwards” to give the butt a lift.

Call us at 6333 5656/ 6988 5656 or write to us at contact@bodyinc.sg to make an appointment today.